The light, elevated project is a lounge area for relaxation. The terrace and living room open the views of the river below and the surrounding nature.

In this project, we solved the problem of visual lightness of the structure: large spans of ceilings, cantilever extensions and supports of a minimum section were used.
The project, like its name, reflects the essence of the traditional Italian patio — privacy, away from the bustle of the city and staying in serenity.

The project provides everything you need for a comfortable stay: a kitchen, a large living room, a separate open space with sofas around a fireplace outside.

Usually windows act as a kind of boundary between the room and nature, but in this project we managed to achieve the opposite effect. Panoramic glazing creates the feeling that it doesn’t even exist at all and nothing prevents you from enjoying sunsets with comfort. While sliding blocks give the opportunity to go to the open terrace or to the barbecue area at any time.

The patio is surrounded with steps illuminated from three sides, making it safe even at night.
433 sq.m.
St. Petersburg
In progress
Plans and details
Patio plan

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