Hill house interiors

The main point of the interior was the use of natural finishing materials to bring the interior spaces of the house closer to the untouched surrounding nature. Therefore, oak dominates in the decoration of the premises. It creates the feeling of a cozy country house, and its combination with stone ties the room together.

The project was filled with a sense of unity with nature. The entire interior is done in neutral colors to create a background for the view outside the window. Light cushioned furniture doesn’t distract or interrupt from enjoying the comfort and beauty.

A lot of natural light enters the premises through large panoramic windows. When reflecting from the light stone floor, it creates a soothing environment that encourages relaxation and solitude.

The main rooms moved to the first floor to separate the living space from the utility rooms.
This solution allows us to open the best forest views from the bedroom and living room.
284 sq.m.
house area
St. Petersburg
Archello Best of 2021
Residential house
Plans and details
Ground floor plan
First floor plan

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